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Why are ASMR videos so successful on YouTube?

We normally associate YouTube with visual content, but sound-oriented videos are growing in an amazing way within the platform. In particular, ASMR sound videos, whose increase in viewers has been around 200% per year during the last five years. ASMR videos seek to elicit a relaxing , often sedating, sensation in the listener . They do it through unusual and surprising resources, so it is not an exaggeration to assure that it is one of the most experimental and creative categories on the web. We show you some of the most successful content of the genre and we explain why they produce so much pleasure. Ailment Mailing List The brain and ASMR sounds The acronym ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, that is, Autonomous Meridian Sensory Response in Spanish. According to the definition published by the scientific journal ESAMEC, of ​​the University of Seville, this automatic response of our brain is caused by specific stimuli known as triggers .

What these triggers produce are tingling sensations on the scalp, followed by a very pleasant relaxation that can help usher us to sleep. Currently, the phenomenon of ASMR is under study thanks to the massive success of this content, which has led scientists to think that it could be used to treat some mental disorders and to better understand issues related to cognitive processes of concentration and motivation . Uae Phone Number However, although many people respond positively to ASMR, it is not something that happens to all of us, which makes the phenomenon more peculiar. Probably one of the most surprising data about ASMR is that, in studies carried out at the brain level, it has been proven that what these audios stimulate is an area related to social experiences . This means that part of their pleasure could be that they create the illusion of being accompanied and even being cuddled or pampered by someone who does not represent any risk to us.

Ailment Mailing List
Ailment Mailing List

This is what indicates a scientific study published by the University Dartmouth College in the United States that used functional magnetic resonance imaging to capture what happens in the brains of hundreds of ASMR lovers when they encounter triggers of pleasure. The experts discovered activations in the medial prefrontal cortex, an evolutionarily advanced part of the brain associated with touch and care. There were also activations in areas of the brain associated with reward and emotional arousal. The researchers speculate that this pattern reflects how ASMR mimics the joys of social engagement and bonding. In the case of the pleasure of listening to people eating, for example, the pleasure would be caused by the human capacity for empathy, which is what allows us to experience in our body the pleasure or pain that another person is feeling, even if we do not even have a relationship. with her.

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