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How-To videos are important but will be more so in the coming years, because people no longer want to read a boring manual, when the same information can be presented in a video in an entertaining and interesting way. These videos show people how to make something yourself such as: folding a napkin in the shape of a swan, how to clean a clogged drain, how to prepare a recipe, etc. The How-To videos are perfect for people who find it easier to visually or for people who do not like to read them to study. A TechSmith study shows that two-thirds (67%) of people understand information better when it is conveyed visually. 61% of consumers say they watch How-To videos on the Internet. Fast Food Direct Mail You shouldn’t overwhelm your audience! Too much information at once makes processing difficult, you must determine in advance how familiar your audience is with the topic being discussed. When in doubt, you should go for the motto “less is more”; if necessary, you can go back to important details in a later video.

A good How-To video is clear and easy to understand. Explain step-by-step what to do without straying from the topic and keep the video instructions as short as possible. What’s more, focus only on meeting one to three learning objectives as too much information in the same video tends to be confusing and can quickly overwhelm your understanding. What information should your viewers bring at the end of the tutorial? If you want to cover a broader topic, it may be best to create multiple tutorial videos, each of which will focus on a limited learning objective. A good How-To video is interesting and informative. Uae Phone Number Overly enthusiastic or monotonous language distracts from the learning content and has a disconnecting effect on many viewers. It is also important that the mouse movements on the screen are so that the viewer can follow your cursor.

Fast Food Direct Mail
Fast Food Direct Mail

Even the most exciting topic can put your audience to sleep if it’s presented too slowly. However, you should not jump from one step to another too quickly or skip important explanations. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience: What prior knowledge does your audience have? What do you have to explain in more detail and what do you only need to mention briefly? With a little preparation, you can better control the pace of your presentation. Write a script. Avoid pausing while recording by scripting what you want to say to avoid wasting time with unnecessary explanations. Record your voice separately . Speak naturally, not too fast and not too slow. Remember that it often takes longer to show than to explain. I recommend taking a short pause when speaking after each sentence, this makes it easier to sync audio and video later during editing.

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