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These are the creative jobs with the greatest projection in 2022

The World Economic Forum has published a report titled Jobs of Tomorrow: Mapping Opportunity in the New Economy in which it analyzes the jobs with the most future within the immediate post-covid landscape and what skills will be needed to carry them forward. According to this report, in the next three years, opportunities to develop creative activities will grow in almost all industries. Automotive Mailing List Below we show you the ranking of profiles that stand out in the main expanding sectors and we tell you what tools you need to adapt your CV to work in the creative jobs with the most projection.

This sector already generates almost 20% of new labor demands and is the one with the highest growth, only surpassed by the health sector. Núria Mañé ( @nuriacomunica ), consultant in Social Communication and Digital Transformation, agrees with the report and anticipates that, in addition to the already consolidated professions that were created with the birth of social media and that continue to grow, some relatively recent professions will go into growth , such as those related to business expansion through digital marketing ( growth hackers , growth marketing specialists , funnelsand automations). Uae Phone Number “All the new professions that provide services to entrepreneurs and content creators will be in demand: they are digital project managers , virtual assistants and other technical profiles, such as digital mechanics,” predicts Mañé.

Automotive Mailing List
Automotive Mailing List

In order to respond to the new opportunities that are developing in this area, the World Economic Forum report lists a wide variety of skills. These skills include “disruptive tools”, that is, sudden and surprise introduction to the market, which should ideally be combined with more classical grassroots formations and creative minds. Núria adds another specific one. “You have to be able to select well, that is, to exercise the curation and creation of quality content to facilitate the search for user information,” he says These are the specialists that are being requested the most in the sector.

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