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Sustainability is already a reality in the marketing industry

The promotional products industry is struggling today.

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New consumers are opting for higher quality and more environmentally conscious products. You are no longer looking for the traditional low-quality plastic gift made in China. They prefer a message from the company that is conscientious, sustainable and practical.

After having grown 100% in the first quarter compared to the same period of the previous year, orders decreased significantly from March 2020 in large markets such as Spain, Germany, Italy, France and the USA. It affected the promotional marketing industry around the world in the wake of the coronavirus.

In the particular case of Sprout World, a pioneer in sustainable merchandising with its plantable pencils for example, the demand for writing products simply disappeared. And with this it was experienced that the promotional products market stagnated in the last year. Something that also came accompanied by a change of mentality in the consumer towards measures and products with a necessary environmental touch.

Marketing as a lifeline so as not to disappear

Crises often lead to financial difficulties, but Buy Mobile Database companies must carefully consider where to save money. The key for companies at this point is to “stay visible.” The end public, the consumer, will quickly forget about businesses that cut back on their marketing measures. Those companies that emphasize their presence in times of crisis will make a positive impression and may perhaps benefit from more orders once the crisis is over.

The fact that the crisis has affected the economies of companies does not mean that they are opting for cheaper and lower quality products. Of course, companies have to save money in times like these, but not only in advertising, but in other areas as well.

Sustainability is as global an issue as money or the coronavirus is, and it is not going away just because we are experiencing a pandemic. In fact, we are observing that both customers and users demand products that are more sustainable.

If the recipients no longer want to use conventional products (traditionally polluting as are traditional promotional products, with a lot of plastic and of low quality), from the point of view of a company it does not make sense to continue implementing them. Sustainability is here to stay.

Quality before quantity

After the last financial crisis in 2009, people began to think more consciously about what and how much they were buying. But after a while they started ordering cheap products from China again and the buying impulse got out of hand.

I see the current crisis as a strong wake-up call. We need to distance ourselves from this consumerism frenzy and start making conscious and sustainable purchasing decisions. And we are seeing that more and more customers understand Best Database Provider why it is better to buy less and opt for a better and environmentally friendly product, which the recipient really wants.

Sustainability in the post-pandemic era

Sustainability was a mega trend before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and today it is a reality that affects the promotional marketing industry more than ever.

The pandemic forces us to change our behavior, which is not necessarily pleasant for us, but it is having a very positive effect on nature.

The crisis, for example, has shown that it is important not to depend on the Far East for everything. In reaction to this, companies could produce locally in the future.

The number of business trips could also easily be reduced. For example, I am much more effective when I work from my home office. Whereas I used to spend an hour driving to the office for a meeting before the crisis, today I can accomplish many tasks in a few minutes by phone or video chat. This saves me time and by not driving I am protecting the environment. For the sake of the environment, we must keep these changes in place rather than reverse them.

While the sustainability measures currently being taken by Best Database Provider companies for greater environmental protection are not enough by far, we are already seeing gradual and steady progress here.

Protecting the environment is not something that is done just to “feel good” and that one can use to show off on Instagram. It is simply something we have to do to preserve our land. Whether traveling, eating or consuming, people are increasingly aware of the implications of their actions and that is an important step.

No one can say how long the effects of the current crisis will be with us, but there will be a life after the pandemic.

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