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Spanish SMEs react to the crisis with greater investment in advertising for Christmas

The Christmas campaign is just around the corner. In some supermarket chains, the giant and prominent spaces in which Christmas products are positioned, such as nougat and other sweets, have already been placed, pushing buyers to get hold of them. In some decorating stores, even though they still have Halloween pumpkins and ghosts to sell, the flood of holiday items is now available. That is, Christmas is here and, if you want to sell, you have to make an effort.

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For companies of all types and conditions, the Christmas campaign is one of the crucial sales moments. It is when consumers are much more detached in their consumption patterns and when they raise their spending averages the most. Christmas is the time when we “throw the house out the window”, possibly because we do not buy for ourselves but for the family and to give gifts.

Even in the most difficult times, such as during economic crises, consumers are trying to be able to go a little beyond their usual average spending. The Christmas campaign has a certain touch of sacred question in our purchasing decisions.

For all these reasons, the campaign is very important for small and medium-sized companies, which tend to be those who pay the most for the problems of crises and who most suffer from the associated drop in consumption.

For SMEs, the Christmas season is a crucial issue, a time to recover much of what was lost and, in some cases, what ensures the overall profitability of the year. For this reason, SMEs take the preparation for the campaign very seriously Buy Mobile Database and this year they are going to bet firmly on advertising investment.

The growth of investment by Spanish SMEs

Spanish SMEs have already been recovering their investment in advertising this year in general. According to MediaShark data collected by CincoDías , in the first half of the year Spanish SMEs increased their investment in advertising by 65%.

By the end of the year, the trend continues and even rises. The projections are that during the period closest to Christmas, investment will skyrocket. In general, the advertising investment accumulated so far this year has moved 2.485 million euros, 18% more than in the previous year.

The reasons for the growth

Given that the crisis that has arisen from the health emergency caused by Buy Mobile Database the coronavirus has put their income at risk – when it has not directly reduced it – SMEs are betting on advertisements to reach consumers. They want to position themselves before them and prop up their potential sales.

Even so, SMEs do not invest equally in all advertising formats. His favorite is digital advertising (71% of his investment has gone there) and, among the different online channels, social networks (21% of the investment made). In fact, it is expected that from this month investment in these spaces by SMEs will scale.


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