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Segmentable, measurable and in real time: this is how digital advertising works

The scope of digital advertising and the measurement possibilities it offers are endless, as it gives us more accurate results reaching the audience we really need. Such has been its reception that it is expected that by 2019 investment in digital advertising will surpass television for the first time , something that is very telling if we take into account that this medium has been the king of advertising for many generations. Some digital advertising formats In the words of the American businessman Marc Benioff , the world is being reformed by the convergence of social factors, mobile, Cloud, Big Data, the community, among others, and precisely “the combination of these technologies opens an incredible opportunity to connect everything together a new way and it is radically transforming the way we live and work ”. Bank Email List In other words, the world changed and with it the way of advertising. Of course, digital advertising has different formats that can be implemented by organizations according to their needs. These are some of the most used today:

Among the main benefits of this type of marketing is the possibility of choosing between different formats, which offers greater effectiveness and precision when it comes to publicizing a business, product or service. Below we share five other advantages that this trend brings, which is gaining more and more acceptance among organizations worldwide. Possibilities of reaching a larger audience at low cost. Immediate access to metrics, statistical and analytical control of the behavior of consumers and potential customers. Uae Phone Number Reduction in the cost and time of sales, which translates into a good reputation and positioning of the company that offers a certain product or service. Possibility of reaching a specific niche or market correctly, even offering them information and / or content according to their needs Provides data to create a Marketing strategy tailored to each Buyer Person and according to their role in the Buying Cycle, with the focus that customers buy, instead of trying to sell them.

Bank Email List
Bank Email List

WiFi Marketing: The WiFi Marketing is a great advantage for brands that integrates marketing strategies online and offline without the user ‘s knowledge and it also be a tool positioning, added value for the customer, an opportunity to build loyalty and get valuable information about it, among other benefits. Mobile Ads: The importance that mobile devices have taken in recent years is really significant. Therefore, Google indicated that 2015 was one of the years in which mobile searches surpassed desktop searches. So it is necessary to think of advertising campaigns focused mainly on mobile devices. Although traditional advertising resists dying due to the fact that there are still traditional entrepreneurs accustomed to conventional media such as newspapers, radio and television, digital marketing has gained a lot of strength in recent years.

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