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Most brands will achieve the single vision of the customer in their organizations by the end of 2022

The new study published today by the latest generation CDP (Customer Data Platform) Zeotap reveals that 99% of marketers will have managed to implement the single customer view in their organizations by the end of 2022, with the one that unifies the digital identity of the clients and their presence in the different channels and their real value is obtained. In addition, as a consequence of the adoption of machine learning, rapid growth of data-driven marketing practices is expected next year before the disappearance of third-party cookies in 2023.

The study carried out by Zeotap, which has been reflected in the research work The Data Secrets of Successful Marketers, is based on surveys of more than 500 executives on the achievement of their objectives for 2021. As well as on questions about the focus of their strategy data driven.

Research has shown that for many marketers, unifying multiple data sources resulting in a single view of the customer continues to be a challenge. And that of the 20% of those who currently lack said unified registry, 99% of them will have achieved it by the end of 2022. Rapid growth, which according to the work, is motivated, in part, by the elimination of cookies from third parties by Google in 2023. Since the elimination of this key pillar for the personalization of the campaigns has meant that the brands are quickly compensated with a solid strategy of own data based on the unique vision of the client.

On the other hand, the Best Database Provider study has identified Buy Mobile Database some data management practices that show a close correlation with the success of marketing strategies. Among them, the implementation of CDPs, the preparation for a future without cookies and a greater adoption of machine learning has stood out. On the CDPs (Customer Data Platforms) or Customer Data Platforms, it is observed, on the one hand, that those brands that are achieving success in their digital strategies have already begun to make changes in their CDPs and present differences of 39 percentage points with respect to those that do not. And on the other, that there is a disuse of DMPs.

When it comes to preparing for a cookie-free future, it is noted that the most successful marketers have adopted a wide range of solutions for a cookie-free future in 2023. And that those who are less successful are more likely ( 67% of them) towards advertising based on data cohorts. And finally, in terms of the adoption of machine learning to drive customer knowledge and a scalable digital strategy, it is revealed that there is a high percentage of brands (50%) that are implementing it.

Along with all the above, it is observed that regardless of their level of success in the last year, most marketers believe that their Buy Mobile Database companies have adopted a data-driven digital strategy. In addition, 91% of them say they have confidence in their privacy practices. Although in some groups, more than 30% of them, lacked a unique vision of the customer and therefore have a less robust trust.

“As we enter a post-COVID and post-cookie world, we should expect a rapid acceleration of data-driven marketing strategies,” says Daniel Heer, founder and CEO of Zeotap. “At the moment, most marketers are in the early stages of creating Best Database Provider a dataset from which they will get the unique view of the customer. And when they complete this early stage next year, we expect them to begin a second stage. , in which they implement qualified talent and pioneering machine learning to achieve their goal. “

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