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Monetize course on YouTube

Course in which we are going to see how to monetize YouTube, and how we can get to live from this social network (or platform) of videos. The history of our civilization is marked by milestones that changed the course of it. The emergence of the Internet and the universalization of its use opened the doors to free knowledge and that any citizen could have a voice.Dubai Phone Number List A voice that could be heard around the world. Youtube is, in essence, the confirmation of what the network of networks has meant. How we understand the world in the 21st century. Anyone has access to this platform that can become, not only a speaker, but a whole way of creating knowledge, value and information. Likewise,

as users, we have before us the largest knowledge repository on the planet. The Library of Alexandria of our time. In this course we are going to focus on one of the great questions that millions of people ask themselves: is it possible to live on YouTube? Is it possible to start a new channel today and have a chance to make it work? The answer is yes.Uae Phone Number There is no magic formula or assurance that success is near. As in any other business adventure, YouTube requires perseverance, effort and dedication. During the ten classes that make up this course, we will explore the options we have and what we need to grow on YouTube.

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How to forge an image and a personality that adequately accompany our content. We will learn how YouTube works and what it takes into account to catapult your channel, and what tools can be useful to us to achieve success. From there, we will learn about the various options that exist to perceive an economic return to our activity and how to create a business around our channel. Let’s go for it! Remember that if you subscribe you will have access to all the courses and you will also be able to enjoy all the premium content on

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