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Monetize course on YouTube # 5. How to grow on YouTube

In the fifth class of the How to Live on YouTube course we will focus on the growth of our channel, and what is most taken into account when deciding whether a video is worthy of being shown to a larger audience. In this class we will talk about the importance of understanding our audience, taking UK Business Phone List advantage of trends, and looking for growth opportunities. But we will also talk about the importance of competition, and what role they play in our growth.And we will delve into one of the most important doubts for new creators.

How constantly should we upload videos to our channel? As well as the importance of SEO to scratch positions on a platform that is nothing more than a search engine. We started!In this class we have seen some tips to facilitate the growth of our channel. And we have commented on the importance of SEO and of building our content from the objectives we have for it. YouTube reads our videos, so it is important to help clearly identify Uae Phone Number what our content is about, but we have also talked about the importance of trends.

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Not just from the platform, but from our niche.As an exercise, identify during the following week the trends that are emerging, both in your niche and in others of your interest. Take a good look at the content that he recommends every day through the cover.As always, if you have any doubts or questions, you can send it through the support form on the subscriber intranet. See you in the next lesson! :)Remember that if you subscribe you will have access to all the courses and you will also be able to enjoy all the premium content on

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