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Monetize course on YouTube # 2. What I need: Hardware and software

In the second class of the YouTube monetization course we will talk about what hardware, peripherals and software we need to start our activity. What we usually call setup. Our needs will depend a lot on the type of content we do.AUSTRIA BUSINESS PHONE LIST However, you don’t have to spend millions on equipment to stand out. We never have to lose sight of the fact that the most important thing on YouTube is what our content contributes. However, we have to have a minimum of quality in terms of image and sound. Our audience must see clearly what we want to show them, and hear clearly what we want to convey. We started!

This content is only available to subscribers. You can identify yourself in this link or subscribe to the courses . In this class we have identified the fundamental pillars in our team. Prioritize sound quality first. But with the correct configuration and a work environment in which the acoustics are good, we will not need more than a mic for a few euros. So we have seen that with a small budget, and using much of what we already have,Uae Phone Number
we can obtain very good quality content. The objective of this session is for us to identify the team we currently have and what we should prioritize when updating.

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In image quality we can compensate the quality of our camera with light, the best ally. And we definitely don’t need to invest too much, or practically nothing, to get started early. With the concepts that we have discussed in this class, as an exercise, review the hardware elements that we recommend and make an inventory of what elements you would need to complete your setup. If you have doubts about your personal setup, do not hesitate to use the platform to leave your questions about it. I will be happy to guide you when setting up your studio. Remember that if you subscribe you will have access to all the courses and you will also be able to enjoy all the premium content on

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