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Monetize course on YouTube # 1. The reality of YouTube

In the first class we will know some data from YouTube, so that we understand the magnitude of the platform of which we intend to be part. A large part of the world population uses YouTube as a source of knowledge, information and entertainment.Belgium Business Phone List Every minute that passes 500 hours of content are uploaded on YouTube. A real madness. And we will find an answer to the most recurrent question: Is it possible to start from scratch on such a saturated platform in the middle of 2021? Let’s start!

This content is only available to subscribers. You can identify yourself in this link or subscribe to the courses . Surely some of the data that is handled on YouTube has even given us vertigo. Two billion people actively use the platform. Basically, our content has the potential to be seen by people all over the planet. But before learning about the techniques and tools that we need to find a place in this ocean of creators, it is important to know the environment. Being a platform used by so many millions of people, of course, we can find all kinds of consumers.Uae Phone Number Of any personality, religion, country of origin and ages. We have seen how the globality of YouTube is having an exponential growth.

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If being a YouTuber tends to be related to youth, we will learn how, more and more, people of more advanced ages and of diverse profiles, choose YouTube to unleash their creativity. I propose a task before continuing with the rest of the classes. Think about what content you would like to make for YouTube. We all have a more or less clear idea of ​​what or who we want to be on YouTube. So look for creators who create content in the niches we want to touch. And take notes on the impressions that each one gives you. Remember, if you have any kind of doubt. Even regarding the acquisition of hardware and peripherals, I will be happy to answer you through the support tab of the intranet. See you in the next class!

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