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IAB analyzes the Retail sector through its new Digital Marketing Observatory

The Fashion, Super / Hypermarkets and eRetail categories make up the podium by advertising spot and investment.


In search engines, consumer confidence is growing again due to the increase in new advertising formats such as shopping ads and dynamic search ads.

In RRSS, the growth experienced by certain categories during this period vs. the previous year: Restoration grew 83%, DIY / Decoration & DIY increased 23% and Super / Hypermarkets increased 7%.

IAB Spain, the advertising, marketing and digital communication association in Spain, today presented the Digital Marketing Observatory for the Retail sector. In this first edition of the Observatory, a complete vision of the digital marketing of the retail sector is offered through its 12 categories: Beauty, DIY / Decoration & DIY, Sports, Electronics, E-Retailers, Large Stores, Toy Stores, Fashion, Optics, Restaurants, Supermarkets / Hypermarkets and Travel.

This Observatory is prepared by IAB Spain associates adjinn , Comscore , Epsilon Technologies , Microsoft Advertising and S m artme Analytics through an aggregate of sources that provide information from the following areas: Audience profile , Advertising spot and Investment, Search Engines, Social Networks and Mobile Apps

For the selection of the brands that have been studied, the Epsilon panel has been used

Analytics of the Retail Sector, corresponding to the period August 2020- September 2021.

Audience profile

The female profile stands out in the categories of Beauty (76.1%), DIY / Decoration & DIY (70.3%)

and Fashion (67.8%). The Sports category leans slightly towards a male profile.

Advertising spot and investment

The categories Fashion, Supermarkets / Hypermarkets and eRetail make up the podium by advertising spot and investment. In advertising, the Fashion category occupies the first place followed by Supermarkets / Hypermarkets and eRetail. Regarding advertising investment, the Supermarkets / Hypermarkets category rises with the first position, after it, we find the Fashion category and, in third place, eRetail.

All three categories offer a snapshot of the new post-pandemic normal. The first place in the Fashion category reminds us that we are leaving our homes again, returning both to the offices and to the world of leisure. On the other hand, the Best Database Provider the rise in the Supermarkets / Hypermarkets category was one of the most important during the lockdown and is here to stay. His position on the podium, together with eRetail, reveals the deep and rapid adoption of the digital environment caused by

the pandemic, permanently changing the purchasing habits of Spanish consumers. For all these reasons, brands in these sectors invest more and more in digital advertising, aware that with this they can communicate with more users and in a more efficient way in terms of the return on their investment, both in branding and in performance.

B Pescadores

According to the Observatory, consumer confidence is growing again and e-commerce sales remain high. Buy Mobile Database Growth is increasingly coming from new ad formats such as shopping ads and dynamic search ads. In the run-up to Black Friday, the commerce categories show a different behavior, with some growing much faster than others. Competition appears to be very high this year, driven by changing habits and demand from advertisers.

Social networks

It is remarkable the growth that some categories have experienced in Social Networks during this period vs. last year. Restoration grew 83% vs. previous period with KFC as the big winner, achieving 50% of the market interactions through very effective humor and shit posting strategy, knowing how to connect with Generation Z in a massive way, and gaining a lot of market relevance.

The DIY / Decoration & DIY category grew 23% vs. the previous year due to the fact that its main brands have been able to involve the user by making them participate in communication and, above all, by promoting User Generated Content, which has been a factor of multiplication in terms of interactions. Therefore, this category is growing considerably, led by companies such as Westwing, Leroy Merlin and Muy Mucho.

Supermarkets / Hypermarkets increased 7% vs. the previous year, in part, due to the effect of the pandemic that has driven this channel (both offline and online) and, consequently, has seen an impact on its Buy Mobile Database communication through the RRSS . In this category, Carrefour brings together 32% of interactions vs. the previous year; Lidl grows 13% vs. the previous year; Aldi increased by 60% vs. the previous year and Bon preu Esclat increased by 37%. On the contrary, Mercadona, despite occupying third place, decreased by 40% and DIA decreased by 40%.

To mobile pp

Regarding Mobile Apps, the category Supermarkets / Hypermarkets in 2021 leaves two clear winners. One is Lidl, after consolidating its position, and another is Mercadona, whose app has experienced greater growth. In the area, E-commerce, Amazon, with a more adult audience, and Aliexpress, being more relevant among the youngest, stand out quite differently from the rest of the marketplaces. Ana

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