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How do hosting and podcasting platforms differ?

You’ve already written your podcast script , added music, and even recorded the first episode. That’s when the decisive moment arrives: share the result with the world. But do you know the differences between hosting and podcasting platforms ? For David Mulé ( @davimulepodcast ), a radio and podcast professional for more than 15 years, it is essential to know what each of them can bring you. If you are not an expert, don’t worry. In this article, we will tell you the main features so that you can choose the perfect platform for you. How do hosting and podcasting platforms differ? 1 A hosting platform is essential to bring your podcast to life. Accountants Email List Hosting platforms for your podcast First of all, it is interesting to remember that hosting is a web service that allows you to store your podcast in the cloud.

In addition, it gives you the option to edit each episode with total freedom. You can add a title, a subtitle, a description of the content, some tags so that it is quickly among the listeners or a cover to define its image. This would be the most technical definition but to put it another way, it is like the “home” of your podcast. How do hosting and podcasting platforms differ? 3 Podcast covers. On the other hand, the hosting platform generates the RSS feed ( Really Simple Syndication ), essential if you want the possibility of subscribing to your podcast to exist. Thus, if a person listens to you and likes the content, they can activate that option to receive notifications when there is a new episode. How do hosting and podcasting platforms differ? Subscription option on Domestika’s podcast, Curious Mind.

In addition, having a hosting platform is important because it automatically generates a URL so that the so-called podcasting or broadcast platforms (which you will see below), access the content of your podcast and publish it. ​Podigee is an example of a hosting platform . It is simple and intuitive, so that anyone can upload their podcast. It will offer you great sound quality and reliable metrics, as well as unlimited bandwidth for all your episodes. For David, it is one of the best options if you are starting out in podcasting. How do hosting and podcasting platforms differ? 7 Podigee. Hosting platform.You will surely find it interesting to explore two other types of platforms: mixed and podcasting, especially if you want to grow in this world.On the one hand, mixed platforms also offer you hosting to host the podcast. What differentiates them is that, in addition, they broadcast the content to other channels to reach a larger audience. They do this automatically so you can forget about this process

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