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Expert in Digital Marketing Operations, a profession of the future where employment grows by 63%

It is a profile that allows to boost operational efficiency and significantly improve the commercial results of companies, hence the success it is having in companies


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The Marketing department is one of the basic pillars of any company due to the impact it has on satisfying customer needs and obtaining benefits. For this reason, it is common for organizations to allocate significant resources and efforts to have teams and professionals who are constantly updating themselves in the new opportunities that this discipline offers them , in order to achieve their objectives.

In this sense, a relatively recent function called Digital Marketing Operations or Digital Marketing Ops stands out in the organization of Marketing departments, which allows operating in a much more efficient way and significantly improving business results , thanks to the establishment of better processes, the use of technology and data analysis.

According to Iker Arce CEO at The Bridge, the experts in this area, also known as Digital Marketer, are very complete and versatile professionals, and of great use especially for those smaller companies that need to establish strategies to accelerate their growth . For this reason, it states that “a LinkedIn study carried out based on its own data, shows that the number of digital marketing vacancies posted on its own platform grew by 63% during the first half of 2021. This fact indicates that these professionals are they are becoming one of the most coveted profiles by Best Database Provider companies, with employability figures that are close to full employment. In addition, they have average salaries of around 35,000 euros, according to data from the consultancy Randstad “.

“To be a Digital Marketer you need traditional Marketing skills, but you also need technical and analytical skills to monitor the technology and data that these departments manage,” he says. Although he also warns that ” today it is possible to become one of them without having prior training or knowledge .”

What will be necessary, Arce insists, is training in four key areas. These are technology, because the Digital Marketing Ops expert is in charge of selecting the most appropriate technological tools, configuring integrations, automating all processes, and Buy Mobile Database organizing the flow of information. Marketing, to be able to launch and manage campaigns, optimize their results, carry out user segmentation and assign budgets. Operations, to distribute and organize the work of other departments. And finally, the analysis of the data, to develop and maintain the measurement plan, managing to extract insights and analysis to later report the results.

Its duties

Thanks to their training in these key areas, Iker Arce comments that they will be able to perform functions such as the development of new marketing strategies and the management of digital projects, establishing perfectly defined success metrics to achieve the objectives set. Plan campaigns and execute them, prepare a budget and hold performance review meetings. And the management of creative processes, the construction of campaigns in all channels, the analysis of results, and their optimization.

Professional outings

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Finally, the CEO of The Bridge comments that an expert in Best Database Provider Digital Marketing Ops can hold various positions within an organization, depending on the functions in which they want to specialize. Among all of them, the following stand out:

Marketing Operations Manager – Responsible for overseeing the company’s tools, data, automation, and integrations. Their responsibility is to assist in making strategic decisions and at the same time, to ensure that the processes continue to run smoothly.

Acquisition/demand/performance Specialist: This will depend on generating demand for the products and the brand, launching it into new markets, and promoting products and services. Also, manage to create interest and achieve customer loyalty, optimizing Buy Mobile Database campaign results.

Marketing Automation: responsible for managing the software to streamline processes, automate manual workflows and configure measurement tools that generate information that can be subsequently processed.

Digital Marketing Analysis: experts in analyzing statistics and looking for the way in which the company can improve its online marketing strategies.


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