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Retailers are one of the business categories that most require addressing the digital transformation process to survive in such a competitive market and with customers with increasingly demanding needs and expectations. In this article I will review some digital transformation technologies (with examples and videos) that should be considered for retails. A fundamental pillar to remain competitive in retail is a correct use of data and information, Chiropractor Email Address for this reason it is very important that the company keep in mind the following elements of big data and analytics for retail. Data analyzed in greater depth for more customer insights is critical to address situations such as increasing conversion rates, customizing campaigns to increase revenue, predicting and preventing customer churn, and lowering customer acquisition costs.

With the arrival of technologies that allow individual traceability of the customer in the store, new ways of measuring the impact of merchandising efforts are generated. A robust data platform can help companies understand store flow data and based on that optimize merchandising tactics, personalize the in-store experience with loyalty apps and offer contextual offers that encourage customers to buy through of your preferred channel. Personalize the in-store experience with Big Data Increase Uae Phone Number the conversion rate with predictive analytics and highly targeted promotions It is necessary to form a 360-degree view of the customer through analytics to reduce customer acquisition costs and deliver the appropriate offer to each customer.

Chiropractor Email Address
Chiropractor Email Address

The correlations between this data can bring unexpected insights for example: high-value customers generally follow fashion pages on social networks and closely follow the programming of fashion channels. The retailer can take this information and make a targeted and hyper-segmented pattern that allows them to reach more optimal conversion rates. Customers expect more – for example, they expect companies to provide consistent insights and seamless experiences across all channels that reflect their history, preferences, and interests. More than ever, the quality of the customer experience drives sales and customer retention. Data engineering is able to correlate the customer’s purchase history with the information in their profile and with their behavior on social networks.

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