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Community Manager Course # 7. Community management

In the seventh class of the Community Manager course we are going to see the importance of knowing how to properly manage your community on social networks. Actually, the main function of the Community Manager, as its name suggests, is to manage the community. To do this, we must act as true conductors, in which, through post, we manage to lead the brand to the previously defined objectives. This means that we have to know very well who we are talking to, what kind of communicative tone we should use in each case and what type of content the community prefers. Switzerland Business Phone List Inside lesson! This content is only available to subscribers.  You can identify yourself in this link or subscribe to the courses . You see, with this type of aid you can manage your community on social networks in a very agile way. As we have seen, there are a series of documents that can be worked on previously and we have to keep updated.

These documents will describe to us and to all the people involved in the project, how the brand should communicate depending on the scenario in which it is located. At this point, it is key to develop a style book manual for the brand on social networks. Regardless of whether the project is large or not, this style book will accompany us in solving the most complex situations without the need for frequent validation from our client or manager. Since in it we will describe how we should communicate, taking into account: tone, codes, or red lines. However, many times it is inevitable that something goes wrong, and the crisis in Social Media breaks out. Uae Phone Number And this is when it is so important to have defined a crisis management action plan. This plan will guide us step by step on how we should act in case the crisis grows little by little, so that we will always have a contingency plan.

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In addition to the brand manual document and the crisis management approach, it is also important to work and keep the FAQ or frequently asked questions document updated. So that we can optimize response times by applying previously generated responses to other users with the same question or question. The proposed exercise for this session is that you can effectively begin to structure this FAQ document based on the questions that you will be receiving in the social profiles of the projects in which you are involved. Remember that we are on the other side of the support if you have any questions. We are waiting for you in the eighth class in which we are going to get to know the world of measurement and analytics in social networks! Remember that if you subscribe you will have access to all the courses and you will also be able to enjoy all the premium content on

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