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Community Manager Course # 6. Advertising

In the sixth class of the Community Manager course we are going to know how the advertising world works in social networks, a knowledge for the community. Increasingly, the business model of social networks is leading to the fact that in order to obtain high visibility as a brand, it is necessary to know how to manage the ad campaigns within them. So the algorithm increasingly limits the reach that we can have organically (without investing in advertising). In this class we are going to know the fundamentals of advertising on social networks, doing the tour within Business Manager. UAE Phone Number List This is the Facebook advertising console, to activate advertising on both Facebook and Instagram, but its operation is very similar to that of other advertising tools on social networks. Go for it! This content is only available to subscribers. You can identify yourself in this link or subscribe to the courses .

And that’s how the world of social media advertising works, exciting right? In all social networks, the campaign configuration structure that we have seen in this lesson is maintained. So as soon as we internalize how a campaign is created in a social network, the knowledge is applicable to the rest of the networks. We have also seen a very interesting point, which is how to manage the profiles within the advertising consoles. And it is that if we are in a project in which different people have to collaborate, knowing how to manage this part of roles is essential to ensure the success of the project. On the other hand, we have known at the marketer level the main Uae Phone Number objectives that are worked on social networks, as well as the formats that best fit these objectives.

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And in addition, we have known, as a generic glossary, the main metrics that are used in the management of advertising campaigns. The exercise for this 6th class is clear: Access your Business Manager Facebook account that links directly to your profile and play with it with everything we have seen in this lesson. Ask through the support if you have not been completely clear about any metric or KPI that we have seen. We are always on the other side! We are waiting for you in the seventh class! Remember that if you subscribe you will have access to all the courses and you will also be able to enjoy all the premium content on

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