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Community Manager Course # 10. Get projects

In the last class of the basic Community Manager course we are going to learn about some of the add-ons that are also part of the Community Manager environment. Ok, we already know everything about the role of the Community Manager, we know all the tools, how to work on a day-to-day basis, how to apply a measurement system, etc … but where do I put everything I learned into French Business Phone List operation? In this class we will see some ideas on how to find these Social Media projects. For this, we have to bear in mind that it may not always be with an end client,but that in this market it is very typical to operate through agencies that internalize clients and the Community Manager is one of the different roles they need in their projects . So let’s not waste time,

let’s go to the last class! This content is only available to subscribers. You can identify yourself in this link or subscribe to the courses . Now we have everything a little clearer, right? With this perspective, and with the different channels that we have seen, you will surely be able to greatly increase your chances of offering your Community Manager services. In the end, it is also key to be able to demonstrate our ability using our own social networks. What better way to teach what we know than in ourselves! It is important, as we have seen, to be able to make packages or products that meet the needs that we have detected in the market. In today’s lesson we give some examples of these products, but surely you will have identified some more. So it’s time to get down to business! Uae Phone Number There are no more excuses for not getting Community Manager projects, because you have all the tools at your fingertips.

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Now it’s time to put into practice! Additionally, in addition to this course, you can see the advanced Community Manager course, in which we will introduce ourselves a little more into the figure of the Social Media Manager, with the aim of giving our vision a more strategic point. Without a doubt, the perfect complement to this course. And so far the basic Community Manager course. Remember that if you have any doubt or question we are in the support waiting to solve it. See you in the next lesson of the next course, whatever it is. Until then! 🙂 Remember that if you subscribe you will have access to all the courses and you will also be able to enjoy all the premium content on

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