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Business practices have changed: the human factor is positioned ahead of technology

The B2B Marketing Committee of the Spanish Marketing Association (AMKT) has organized together with Garlic B2B and Good Rebels, a workshop for professionals under the name of “The digitization of marketing and sales in B2B”.

Alberto Pastor, CEO of Garlic B2B and head of the B2B Marketing Committee, has introduced the conference highlighting the fundamental role that the pandemic has had in the digitization of marketing and sales processes in B2B. “The COVID-19 crisis has generated a new era of superdigitalization that prompts Buy Mobile Database B2B companies to accelerate the development of a digital strategy and experience that is increasingly close to those of B2C solutions. And it is that, the pandemic , has been a turning point in the part of business processes in B2B, which have been working under the same methodologies for a long time, formats that worked well, but with the arrival of the pandemic they had to reinvent themselves. New work strategies have emerged, such as ABM, which involve greater joint support between marketing and sales.

For his part, Enrique Hormigo, Corporate Sales B2B Manager at ISDI , stated that companies have rethought the way they market their products and services due to the pandemic, changing the way they buy, but not sell. “It is clear that positions between B2B and B2C  Buy Mobile Database have come closer, so that there are not so many differences between the two. The consumer is at the center; the business is made by people, in this case the new digital consumer, whose parameters are continually changing.”

In addition, he has spoken about the change of the mindset in the direction. “Digitization is more about people than technology and the importance of putting them at the center. The Best Database Provider company has to generate value and for this the training of the workers that make up the company is very important. Therefore, technology is necessary, but afterward, you never have to place it before the people or the business. ”

Salvador Suárez, the co-founder partner of Good Rebels , has presented the latest study of the company on “The superdigitalization of B2B” with the aim of understanding the business changes that are continuously taking place. “It is clear that COVID-19 has accelerated the digitization of B2B. The buyer has been digitized and demands a similar experience in their B2B relationship and purchase model. In addition, the digital experience has accelerated, something that companies are taking advantage of Best Database Provider. through collecting data and including it in their marketing strategies. All of this has meant that B2B marketing departments now have more responsibility for the company’s revenue. ”

In addition, he has explained what are the three great levers of B2B digitization. “The first thing is to find your B2B customer online, that is, you have to rethink those lines of work that respond to a lack of data on the return on investment and explore the possibilities of balancing this need with digital assets and content; secondly, the leap from the sales process to digital, having a sales team trained in digital techniques, channels and tools to achieve better results; and finally, taking advantage of data and automate processes “.

Lastly, Antonio Jiménez Galvez, Alvic’s commercial director for Iberia , explained the importance of CRM systems in the company. “The CRM is going to become the center of the commercial activity, since it is much easier to have the information integrated and with more access to the data by the support areas. It is evident that there will be a greater integration of the commercial team with marketing. The integration of marketing and sales is a fact, although there will be barriers such as internal resistance to change in the way of working, but you also have to find alliances and allies “.

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