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A third of the marketing budget is wasted due to poorly written briefings

If there is a recurring complaint among freelancers and agencies that work for companies and their marketing teams, it is that they “don’t know what they want.” If you’ve spoken to a couple of industry professionals, you will have heard a complaint on that topic. If you have been exposed to marketer profiles on social networks, you will have had the opportunity to read more than one thread on the matter.

Complaints usually start at the start of the job: professionals do not receive clear instructions on what the company expects and assignments are often somewhat vague or excessively optimistic in their expectations. The relationship starts from a faulty briefing.

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This is problematic for those who have to get the job done, who have to guess Buy Mobile Database expectations and then face one thing or another changing them. They may end up redoing some of what they had done, which is frustrating and extends the hours spent on the job in question.

But the truth is that the problem is also for the companies that commission this work and for the marketing teams that make those requests, who will have to dedicate hours and effort to rework on something that should be already done.

A hole in the budget
In the end, as a study has just shown, all these problems and all that they entail has an economic impact. Companies are losing money by not explaining clearly what they expect.

The BetterBriefs accounts , a global study that has started from data provided by marketers and agencies from 70 countries, indicate that a third of the marketing budget is wasted due to the complications derived from doing a bad job in briefing.

With this, work is accumulated that is worthless and leads to wasting time and effort in comings and goings that do not contribute much. Both sides of the industry recognize that because of this they lose money and time and gain in frustration.

In addition to frustration and lost work, this failure to mark clear instructions also hampers execution. All parties involved recognize that they are the foundation of their work.

89% of marketers and 86% of agencies say that it is a challenge to produce good creative work if clear instructions have not been passed before. 90% of marketers and 92% of agencies consider it to be one of the basic pieces of marketing, but also one of the most forgotten.

It’s getting bad, but others are doing it
69% of marketers and 73% of agencies agree, according to the study’s findings, that bad briefings are too common. Paradoxically, those who launch those poorly done briefings also think that the problem is actually someone else’s.

80% of marketers say they write, in general, good briefings. Only 10% of the Buy Mobile Database agencies indicate that the briefings they receive are good.

The same happens with the crucial points that these types of instructions must provide. 83% of marketers believe that their briefings use concise and clear language and 78% that they point a clear direction. Only 7% and 5% of agencies agree, respectively.


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