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88% of Spanish SMEs consider that selling online has allowed them to reach new consumers

71% of SMEs affirm that selling abroad has allowed them to increase their sales.

SMEs say that offering online payment methods Buy Mobile Database has helped them build trusting relationships with their customers.

Online shopping has gained popularity among consumers for many reasons, including the flexibility, variety, and price competitiveness they offer, a turn that has prompted SMEs to adopt digital tools to continue generating revenue. The digital transformation has allowed these companies, which represent 99.8% of the Spanish business fabric according to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Government of Spain1, to prosper and attract new customers.

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This is demonstrated by the results of a recent study by Kantar, commissioned by PayPal, which analyzes the current situation of digitization of SMEs and micro SMEs in Spain. According to this survey, carried out in May 2021, more than half (51.5%) of Spanish SMEs already operate through an online channel, of which 21% began to do so during the pandemic 2 . The results of Buy Mobile Database this study point to digital transformation as an opportunity for small businesses to increase their sales and start doing business in a new way.

The 80% of the owners and / or managers of small and medium businesses said Buy Mobile Database the online sale has been key to increasing sales of its business during the past year. The participants in the analysis also confirmed that having the possibility of attracting new customers, even outside their territory, is the main differential factor that implements an online channel in their businesses gives them.

A 88% of SMEs said they sell online have enabled them to reach new consumers, while 83.5% appreciate being able to attract new customers outside their regions. Not only that, but also

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