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1791. Questions and monetize YouTube

Today we launch a course on how to monetize YouTube, and answer questions about affiliates, apps, dollars, and much more. But first, announce that today we are launching the YouTube monetization course , in which we see how to make a living from this video platform. This morning we will see the current situation of YouTube, and this afternoon what hardware and software we need. Take a look at it, it’s great! 🙂 And now yes, let’s go for the questions, the protagonists of the day: 1. Hello Joan! How are you? I am Roser, I have been following you for a long time whenever I can and I love all your courses, you have helped me a lot.China Business Phone List Not long ago I finally launched my new brand of natural and vegan children’s cosmetics on the market, after a lot of work and the truth is that I cannot complain because there are many sales, what happens is that it is very difficult at first due to the very little visibility what we have. For this reason, we have been thinking about looking for ambassadors in the social networks of our products, to whom we would send the products for free to promote them and for each sale that came from them, they would take a commission.I understand that if these ambassadors were bloggers, that is when they would have to provide them with an affiliate link, but in the event that they do not have a website and are instagram accounts,

Do you know in any way to be able to comptabilize and know for sure what sales have been made through each ambassador on instagram? I thought that perhaps an exclusive promotional code for each one of them would be a good way, but what I don’t just see clearly is that the ambassadors will have no way of knowing how many they have been so that there can be total transparency between them and us. And knowing that my website is not made with any known CMS, it was made by a designer with Get Kirby and the ecommerce with Snipcart, my two questions would be: 1. Is it realistic and possible to pay a commission for each sale through an ambassador on Instagram /Facebook? How can I offer transparency to ambassadors? 2. Can you also use affiliate links on Instagram knowing that you cannot click on any link in promotions? 3. Do you know of any program that I can use that allows me to create affiliate links to my website? Sorry for the long text, I’m sure all the other entrepreneurs who are listening to you understand me when I say that doubts never end hehe Thank you very much Joan and a hug! (Roser) 2. Hola Joan Estoy pensando montar un membership site y sería para una clientela bastante global y, de hecho los potenciales clientes de EEUU son mayoría por lo que mi intención es que los servicios sean en dólares. Mi duda viene asociada a como gestionar estos ingresos en dólares para que los bancos no me sangren a comisiones de cambio de divisas cuando lo quiera transformar a . ¿Abro la cuenta del banco directamente en dólares?¿hay alguna forma eficiente de transformar estos dólares posteriormente en euros con comisiones bajas? Gracias y un saludo. (Álvaro) 3. Good morning Joan, for months you have been part of my daily routine. I take the car and listen to your podcast.Uae Phone Number
I have several undertakings underway and there is one that I have pending, waiting for you to take the AppGyver course to be able to validate it. I heard on a podcast that you were going to put it out and every Monday I’m looking forward to it. Do you have in mind to remove it? A hug (Guillermo) 4. Hello Joan, thank you for everything you create, it helps me a lot in my endeavor !!!

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I did the OBS course and I’m doing great on Twitch, now I also want to do the direct ones on YouTube, do you have an episode or course in which you tell us how to monetize and optimize YouTube well? I’m streaming paint. Oil, watercolor, acrylic, etc. (Lara) 5. Hi Joan, and congratulations on the podcast and the courses, they are worth their weight in gold, and you help us every day. I have an ecommerc and one of my main recruitment systems is affiliates. I wanted to know if it would be possible that the bloggers that link to me could do so without a suspicious link, one of those special ones, but simply detect that they come from their website, and that is already enough to pay them commission if a sale is made. (José) And here are the questions of the day! I hope that the answers have been of interest and help both to those who have asked and to those who have listened. You can expand on the concepts discussed here today with the affiliate marketing course , as well as episode 439. Affiliate-based businesses , and 1677. Business idea: Affiliate marketing specialist , related to what we have discussed today. As always, thank you all very much for your 5-star ratings on iTunes , iVoox , YouTube and Spotify , subscribing to the courses and for being there, on the other side. Without you this would not be what it is, without you this simply … It would not be! We will hear from you tomorrow Tuesday with a business idea, which perhaps, perhaps, will be … Your business idea! As always, at 07:07. Until then … Good Monday, and better week!

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